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Biographical background for Jordan Hayes, Managing Director

Jordan Hayes co-founded Thinkbank, Inc. in late 1995 to provide custom software and consulting services to clients across a wide range of domains including computational finance, industrial manufacturing, and government. Thinkbank changed its name to Bitway, Inc. in June, 2007. His specialties include software architecture, design, development, and analysis. His background includes distributed systems, real-time data analysis, software design, product development, software process and process improvement, integration, and system architecture.

Prior to founding Thinkbank, Mr. Hayes was a Principal at Heuristicrats Research, Inc. (HRI) in Berkeley, CA, where he was a consultant to firms such as Apple Computer, Union Bank of Switzerland, Mitsubishi Electric, MesaGnostics, Information Extraction and Transport, and Moore Capital Management. He was instrumental in HRI's role in the ComponentWare Consortium (CWC), an ARPA-funded Technology Reinvestment Program competition winner. The CWC includes I-Kinetics, Netlinks Technology, BBN, Iona, Pratt & Whitney, Siemens AG, Naval Sea Systems Command, and Sun Microsystems.

Before joining HRI, he was the Senior Software Architect at Investment Management Services (originally Moore Capital Management) in New York City, where he designed and built a distributed real-time data analysis package called $pike. $pike is a distributed derivatives trading workstation environment targeted at the global hedge fund industry. $pike integrates disparate data from multiple sources and provides graphical manipulation of quotes, charts, graphs, news, and custom analytics.

Mr. Hayes has designed and built: distributed network management software for TCSI in Berkeley, CA; an automated real-time equities trading platform for Morgan Stanley, and Co. in New York City; automated fault detection and isolation software for distributed ATM networks for Citibank, NA in New York City; and distributed image understanding for Advanced Decision Systems (now Booz-Allen & Hamilton) in Mountain View CA. He was a consultant to NASA/Ames Research Center on the topic of computer security, to the law firm of Davis, Polk, and Wardwell for the design and partial implementation of a distributed litigation document support system, and to Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) for programmatic digital telephony.

Mr. Hayes has published on the subject of application development environments. From 1993-1995 he served on a National Academy of Sciences Technical Advisory Committee charged with evaluating the Internal Revenue Service's Tax Systems Modernization effort, where he focused on architecture, software process and improvement, telecommunications, and information security. An interim report in 1995 and the final report were published by National Academies Press in 1996. Mr. Hayes attended the University of California, Berkeley.

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