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Since our founding in 1995, Bitway has worked with a wide range of clients from a number of sectors:

Our areas of expertise include: ...

For SRI International, Bitway principals have recently served as the core Integration team for RADAR, a DARPA-funded machine learning research project in collaboration with CMU. Bitway's team led the integration effort to build Radar 1.0, a desktop personal assistant that learns "in the wild" to help novice users deal with a flood of email in a crisis situation. We integrated a half-dozen learning components from teams at CMU into a single Outlook-based Radar client. A paper describing the system and its evaluation appeared at AAAI 2008: RADAR: A Personal Assistant that Learns to Reduce Email Overload. There was also a workshop presentation.

Before that, we worked with Silicon Valley pioneer Bill Hambrecht at San Francisco-based W R Hambrecht + Co. In a 3.5-year project, they constituted the core product development team responsible for bringing innovative products to the world of investment banking, including OpenIPO for initial public oferings, OpenBook for high-grade corporate debt and OpenFollowOn for secondary equity offerings. These products include real-time Internet-based platforms for distributing equities and fixed income securities using proprietary auction algorithms. We also developed an auction platform for FreddieMac through which more than $40 billion worth of securities has been transacted. During the summer of 2001, we transitioned all of these systems to an in-house auction operations group.

Bitway's other clients include: NASA/Ames Research Center, Babycenter, Beacon Education Management (now Chancellor Beacon Academies), Citadel Investment Group, LLC, Coactive Aesthetics, Enviz, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, FAME Information Services (now Sunguard/FAME), Hambrecht & Quist, Infoseek Corporation, Intraspect Software, Intrinsa Corporation, Keynote Systems, Letterdale Software, LongView International, Mentor Technologies, Moore Capital Management, NetBoost, Inc., PeopleSoft, Red Pepper Software Company, PostModern Computing, Responsive Learning Technologies, Summit Accelerator Fund, Stanford University, Strategy Analytics, StreetScience, TimeDance, TLW Securities LP, Tyecin Systems, US Venture Partners, University Ventures, W. R. Hambrecht + Co., LLC, and XactLabs.

We've also worked with a few organizations who prefer that we not mention their names on our web site. But they were happy with our work.

Some of our major projects have included:

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